Thursday, July 20, 2006 & Introducing GeoLibro.

First, I would like to introduce a very informative blog that I have been reading the past couple of days: Geolibro. Geolibro is published by the Purdue University GIS Librarian. I am finding that the best info is starting to come out of these academic blogs, as opposed to some commercial resources. I mean wouldn't it be great to just be able to research GIS all day!

Geolibro has a great write up on a new website called He writes:

Am I slow? I just heard about, and it appears to be yet another boon to those interested in writing their web content to geospace. I guess we could call it geobookmarking, where we (users) organize our world of web content by how it’s organized across the planet. The concept isn’t wild here, but I’ve played with this tool for about ten minutes (What? I get excited.) and it is very easy to tag your web content. You save a bookmarklet to (probably) your bookmark bar and whenever you come across a web page that you want to tie to a place, you just click that bookmarklet. You’re then taken to the geotagthings site, where you verify the location, add an optional note, then complete the tagging process and return to the original website.