Thursday, July 20, 2006

Boston's Big Dig a Big Headache for Online Maps

Wow! This has to be the first piece of 'bad' press against the online mapping community. :) Although it really isn't a bad thing, I don't think anyone expects 'live' maps (yet). But the Boston Globe is documenting TeleAtlas' frustrations in keeping up with the constant ramp closures and reconfigurations.

The Big Dig has long been a hassle for the online mapping world, with so many shifts and openings that the mappers can't keep up. Two years after the main Interstate 93 tunnels were fully open, online maps were having a hard time catching up. They still are.

TeleAtlas is also not releasing some data, but consumers won't use it quickly enough. So is the data coming in too fast? cool.

I believe we will probably not put the most recent data in, because 98 percent of customers will not be consuming it on time," said Al Cooley, senior director of global product marketing at Tele Atlas.

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