Friday, April 14, 2006

Google PHP Mashup - Hotels for UC

That time is upon us again, and hopefully you have already made your reservations in sunny southern California for 2006 ESRI User Conference. I wanted to take this chance to show an easy Google Map that I made. It really just took the amount of time to type in the addresses of the hotels listed in the back of 2006 UC guide. And then another map was born!

What made it so easy is the PHP script called Phoogle Maps 2.0 by system7designs. Once I uploaded the phoogle.php script, I customized my main page script with just my unique Google API key, and added in the hotel addresses. Thats it! Phoogle Maps uses the Yahoo engine to geocode your addresses, and then plots them on the map on the fly.

I havn't been able to fix the Firefox 1.5 glitch in the info window, as I am not a PHP programmer. But the maps looks great on IE (not that I condone using IE!). There is a noticiable lag while the points geocode. Check it out:


Anonymous said...

Very nice. What an easy way to make a map, thanks!

Ken H. said...

You're welcome. I'd rather use PHP whenever possible, and I'm glad a tool like this has come along.