Monday, March 10, 2008

Geo Whats? Monograms for Mountains

They are not created by space-beings or plasma vortexes. And no pranksters spent the entire night mashing corn stalks to create these designs. Rather, these are 'mountain monograms' and are a land-vanity marker of sorts that are quite common across the United States.

Can you guess what famous school this "M" represents? Spoiler

Also known as "geoglyphs" - there are thousands of these gigantic emblems carved into the country side. A leading resource for these monograms, features hundreds of these features and the stories behind them. has aerial photography, location maps, and latitude and longitude, should you care to visit the site.

The site currently features examples from the State of Montana and lists the geoglyphs in alphabetical order. The site is incredibly powered by not only javascript maps, but also Google Maps, Google Earth KML's, and Microsoft Virtual Earth to provide not only flexible platforms, but also excellent comparisons.