Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Concept "Maps"

O.K. So these are not true geographic maps, but I think the design can be applied to cartography just the same. Applying some of their principles when presenting Metadata or Schemas would make for an awesome display board.

We develop a range of diagrams and maps to create, test, and refine architectures or organizational structures for the applications and sites we design. Maps created as design tools serve many of the purposes of maps created during audits — creating shared models for the team, uncovering problem areas, and serving as a reference for product managers and engineers.
The examples come from Dubberly Design Office, via LifeClever. They are really sharp!


lead generation said...

In the today's scenario the use of gis or geographic information systems in the building construction are increase day by day and they give us good results, due to this we can save our time and resources