Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Animation Tools in ArcGIS 9.2

Live from the UC conference here in San Diego, I just watched a great demonstration using a new tool called Animation. The demo just showed population change over time in the northeast portion of the United States. Now instead of having to print out maps for each decade, the symbology changes as the values change. The animation can then be exported out to mov or avi's.

I can imagine that over the course of a year, this will be a tool that is greatly utilized for Planning Commission meetings, and the such. I went over to the ArcGIS Explorer display to see if they could take in Animation features into Explorer, but the answer was no.


Christian said...

I'm pretty curious about this animation feature but if you can't export it to AGX what else export possibilities do you have in ArcMap? Every export-format of ArcGIS I know is statitic right now. Will they add "movie-exports" (e.g. avi, swf) to ArcMap? Or will it just be an exclusive feature in ArcMap? Does ArcIMS support animations too?

Ken H. said...


I know they are going to have the ability to export to .mov and .avi for sure. From there you could use other software to turn it into MP4 to play it on an IPOD!